Here are some of the things people are saying about TinkerTurf.

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AwSUX Review - Shut Up & Sit Down

Great review from Shut Up & Sit Down for the awSHUX 2020 show. "I consider this the future of miniatures gaming."

Previews: TI4: Prophecy of Kings, World of Tanks, The Breach & TinkerTurf

Watch It Played

Watch It Played - TinkerTurf

Rodney talks about TinkerTurf ahead of our first Kickstarter.

TinkerTurf - Product Preview

The Secret Cabal

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

This stuff is a very cool alternative solution for miniatures gaming terrain. This video is NOT a paid preview, I just think it's super cool. They did send me a prototype and what you see in this video is not the final product (but it's pretty close and it's awesome).

Jamie Talks About... TinkerTurf

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade - PA Presents: Tinkerturf

Jerry, Kiko, Eric, and Lane talk about TinkerTurf.

PA Presents: Tinkerturf

Ash Barker - Guerrilla Miniature Games

"Everything from post-apocalyptic to high sci-fi, this stuff is perfect for."

Widgets and Wonders Ep 144 - Tinkerturf by TinkerHouse Games

Joel Eddy - Drive Thru Review

"I definitely recommend this stuff. The price I think is more than reasonable. It's super easy to build."

Hobby Break #13 - TinkerTurf Terrain

Matt Evans - Board Game Replay

"Really looks great when it all comes together!"

Raf Cordero - Geek & Sundry

"Once it’s built, it’s ready to go and looks amazing."

TinkerTurf Wargaming Terrain Brings Your Table to Life with No Painting Required!

Kelly - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"@tinker_turf the new terrain is great!!"

Nathan - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"It’s crazy how much you get in @tinker_turf sets!"

"Its so simple to assemble my 6 year old helped me, and it looks amazing!"

Ryan - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"I'm still working my way though everything I ordered. I ordered quite a bit, and I must say it is simply amazing! Easy to build and it looks so damn good! I shall be recommending you to everyone!! "

James - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"Beautiful finish and vivid art!"

Jason - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"Being a day in now, and having assembled a lot more of the terrain, I'm even more impressed with it. Fantastic job on the design and layout of the product sheets."

Alarian - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"Very happy with it so far."

Andrew - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"Mine has arrived and just started building it, it's fantastic quality, I love it!!!"

Charles - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"I bought the set and its amazing!!! I recommend it!"

Adam - Happy Kickstarter Backer

"My pledge came in last week and it’s awesome! I recommend it to any skirmish wargamer, its EXTREMELY modular."