Where can I find assembly instructions?

You can find assembly instructions for all sets here:  Assembly Tips & Tricks

Do you ship to _____?

Yes, we ship to just about everywhere that DHL Worldwide and USPS will ship.

Can you tell me the shipping rate on my order?

Shipping within the continental US is a flat rate of $20 USD. Global shipping rates vary by your location and the size of your order.  The easiest way to find out the exact shipping rate for your location and order is to go through the process of placing an order.  When you reach the checkout page, you will see a drop down menu with different shipping options and their costs for your exact location and order.

I placed an order using Standard International Shipping and my tracking isn't updating. What gives?

This is a new shipping method for our store that makes use of a shipping consolidator.  Essentially what happens is we package up your order, then stick it in a big box with other orders headed to a similar location.  Then that package is shipped off to our consolidator. Unfortunately this shipping method doesn't support tracking.  Your package should be safely en route.  We give this shipping method a window of 3-5 weeks to arrive from the date they are shipped out.

I'm an international purchaser, are customs fees included in my shipping total?

Your shipping total only covers the costs associated with getting your package delivered to you.  Beyond that, some countries impose an extra duty on incoming purchases as they enter the country.  If you are unsure about whether or not your country has such a duty, you may wish to confirm your countries import policy before purchasing, as these duties vary from country to country.

I have a question that isn't answered here, how can I contact you?

Of course! Just send an email to Customer Service