TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain - Industrial Starter - Red
Industrial Starter - Red
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Industrial Starter - Red


    Manufacturing centers and infrastructure are crucial strategic objectives in every conflict. The variety of elevations and diverse obstacles also make a visually interesting battlefield with multiple paths to tactical success. Construct the core elements of an Industrial Battlefield with this endlessly reconfigurable collection of platforms, ladders, stairs, and cover.

    1 Large Platform • 2 Medium Platforms • 2 Small Platforms • 8 Tall Legs • 16 Short Legs • 4 Leg Extenders • 12 Double Feet • 8 Single Feet • 2 Tall Stairs • 3 Short Stairs • 1 Container • 2 Tank Jacks • 5 Small Crates • 1 Long Tall Barricade • 1 Medium Tall Barricade • 1 Narrow Tall Barricade • 1 Long Short Barricade • 1 Medium Short Barricade • 1 Narrow Short Barricade • 1 Tall Ladder • 1 Medium Ladder • 1 Short Ladder • 1 Long Catwalk • 1 Short Catwalk • 3 Ladder Stands

    About TinkerTurf®
    Created by lifelong wargamers, and veterans of the printed products and AAA videogame industries, TinkerTurf is designed to be sturdy, attractive, and affordable wargaming terrain. Each piece is precision-engineered and die-cut out of 2mm sturdy black-core board printed with gorgeous full-color themed textures. Assembly is quick and easy with normal white glue, and modular design allows for easy storage and virtually limitless setups. The result is great-looking terrain features of noticeable weight and heft that can stand up to hard campaigning for years to come. Terrain worth fighting for.

    (Note: we recommend white PVA glue for assembly, along with small hobby clamps, as shown here - http://tinkerhousegames.com/tinkerturf/assembly/)