TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain - Containers - Neutral

Containers - Neutral


    Even though they are essentially super-sized crates (!), do not be afeared. Scattering a few of these sturdy rectangular objects around your MagLev yard will make it feel more visually “complete”, and serve to block out large areas for line-of-sight. Or funnel ground movement into choke points ripe for a massacre. Okay, be afeared. Containers are like super-sized LEGO bricks of death.

    And, they’re terrific for kit-bashing! Cut a couple linear viewports into one, and you’ve got yourself a bunker. Place two end-to-end, and they’re a mobile-deploy field laboratory. Pile them up and connect them with stairs and walkways from the Elevations set, and they’re a residential Stack from a dystopian future.

    4x Containers

    About TinkerTurf®
    Created by lifelong wargamers, and veterans of the printed products and AAA videogame industries, TinkerTurf is designed to be sturdy, attractive, and affordable wargaming terrain. Each piece is precision-engineered and die-cut out of 2mm sturdy black-core board printed with gorgeous full-color themed textures. Assembly is quick and easy with normal white glue, and modular design allows for easy storage and virtually limitless setups. The result is great-looking terrain features of noticeable weight and heft that can stand up to hard campaigning for years to come. Terrain worth fighting for.

    (Note: we recommend white PVA glue for assembly, along with small hobby clamps, as shown here - http://tinkerhousegames.com/tinkerturf/assembly/)