TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain - Scatter Cover - Standard

Scatter Cover - Standard

$22.00 $36.00
These are the last of the 1st gen Scatter Cover sets. The only noticeable color difference would be that the crates are brighter. You get more pieces in this set than the 2nd gen product. So if you are looking for Neutral Scatter Cover look no further. Oh, and we marked them down in price until they are gone!

    They say the first law of combat is “cover and move.” Bring your battlefield into lawful compliance with this medley of scatter cover, featuring purpose-built barricades and ad-hoc obstacles that can neverthless deliver a potentially-lifesaving cover bonus.

    6x Tank Jacks • 9x Small Crates • 3x Long Tall Barricades • 3x Medium Tall Barricades • 3x Narrow Tall Barricades • 3x Long Short Barricades • 3x Medium Short Barricades • 3x Narrow Short Barricades

    About TinkerTurf®
    Created by lifelong wargamers, and veterans of the printed products and AAA videogame industries, TinkerTurf is designed to be sturdy, attractive, and affordable wargaming terrain. Each piece is precision-engineered and die-cut out of 2mm sturdy black-core board printed with gorgeous full-color themed textures. Assembly is quick and easy with normal white glue, and modular design allows for easy storage and virtually limitless setups. The result is great-looking terrain features of noticeable weight and heft that can stand up to hard campaigning for years to come. Terrain worth fighting for.

    (Note: we recommend white PVA glue for assembly, along with small hobby clamps, as shown here - http://tinkerhousegames.com/tinkerturf/assembly/)