TinkerTurf Tabletop Game Terrain - Maglev Rail Depot - Neutral Zone

TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain - Maglev Car & Rails


Extend your battlefield with the MagLev Car & Rails. The MagLev car is designed to hold cargo containers so you can build up and take aim from an elevated position.

Each TinkerTurf® terrain piece is easily assembled from pre-printed, full color, 2mm dense black game board. With just common white glue and a short amount of time you can build expansive battlefields of great looking, multi-tier structures and cover types for any 28mm and 32mm miniature game. You’ll quickly have terrain features of noticeable weight and heft that can stand up to hard campaigning for years to come.

(Note: we recommend white PVA glue for assembly, along with small hobby clamps, as shown here -

4x Straight Rails • 1x Curved Rail • 1x Cargo Car

Straight Rails = 10 1/8"  or  257mm
Curved Rail = Same length with 15° curve.